Artist Statement

The mark in most sublime form occurs when the intent, the will and the physical motion required for mark-making  come into perfect alignment in a beautiful poetry for an instant. 

It can be a singular well-placed mark or a flowing line. Seeking to find, take in and activate that perfect mark constitutes all I try to achieve in my work. Over the years I have studied various cultures through representational and/or abstract images which has informed and enhanced my particular form of mark making.​

My drawings, collages, composite media installations, and mixed-media canvases are infused with treatments of color spectrum and negative and positive space. The attempt is to energize through fluidity of light and motion the surface being worked. 

I endeavor to indulge in a wide range of subjects from a variety of cultural perspectives to prompt the viewer to have a moving aesthetic experience.

Sometimes the raw and grittiness of modern urban blight may be mixed with the gentle grace of an Asian garden.

My only rule is to engage the viewer in a manner that may challenge their perspective and offer enhancement to their understanding. With every finished work, whether it be large full color drawings, ACEO products, mail art, Asian fabric studies, mixed media canvases or composite installations I aspire to provide a culturally diffusive experience. In all actuality, my work though diverse in all appearances is actually all connected at the base of its DNA. My path always remains a search for the mark, in every single effort. 

 © 2018 by Demetri Fisher. 

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