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The often hyper-culturalized themes in Demetri Fisher's artworks reflect the artists fascination with intrinsic inter-community dynamics; therefore the collage, mixed media, drawings and installation objects he makes endeavor to effect testament to this. 

Known for his highly kinetic splashes of applied color fields, reminiscent of Japanese Edo period experimental flat-panel work, Cezanne modulation and gradation color theory, reflected as retro modern, Demetri's subjects range from Kibuki and Kimono fabric formats reimagined to tight and elaborate 2"x2" canvases comprised of found objects he terms, "gem boxes". Fisher unapologetically references his desire to create beautiful objects to wanting to provide ultra-positive culturally diffusive experiences for the viewer. 

In a Reuben Lorch-Miller artist seminar Miller observed, "Demetri is a walking amalgamation of a bunch of cultures." --truth to this, from African American to French English and a whole lotta stuff in between. James Zwadlo of Isthmus Alternative Weekly said of Demetri, " an inward tension to express many ethnic groupings at once, Demetri attempts to work all sides of the street. Remaining both accessible and elusive, his expression does not fail to deliver significant high-impact aesthetic experiences." 

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